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Rumor of a Werewolf (Monster Mysteries, Book 4) by Eddie Jones

The psycho who has been tracking Nick Caden thinks Nick is dead. But Dad isn’t taking any chances, so he ships Nick...

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Wreath in Summer (The Wreath Willis Series, Book 2) by Judy Christie

Homeless and on her own, Wreath found a way through high school. Now, reunited with her grandfather, she just wants a...

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Enemy (The Eli Diaries, Book 10) by Shawn Hopkins

Tommy worries about college scouts at his senior year football game, but more concerning is that his girl, Nicole, has...

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Warrior (The Eli Diaries, Book 11) by Tim Shoemaker

In an alternative universe, the Messiah appears in a modern-day California high school. Warrior continues the...

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Launch (Rise of the Anointed Series, Book 1) by Jason C. Joyner

Social media mogul, Simon Mazor, and his mysterious Alturas foundation target gifted teens to attend his weekend...

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With the Tide (The Eli Diaries, Book 9) by Melody Carlson

Maggie counters her bad-girl rep by avoiding guys, except for Eli and his gang. Eli’s different, a real friend with no...

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