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Logic’s End by Keith A. Robinson

Rebecca joins a team of astronauts rocketing to planet 2021 PK in search of life. Shortly after landing, bizarre...

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The Line Between by Tosca Lee

Wynter Patterson, along with her mother and sister, sought refuge from an abusive father in the New Earth...

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God’s Crime Scene for Kids: Investigate Creation with a Real Detective by J. Warner Wallace

After graduating from the Police Department Junior Academy, Jason discovers a strange shoebox in his attic containing...

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David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

As a young boy, David loses his father. But when his mother remarries to a scoundrel cloaked as a man of religious...

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The Resistance (The Uncloaked Trilogy, Book One) by J. Rodes

Nearly 100 years into the dystopian future, the Progressive Reform party sweeps the US elections. Sixteen-year-old...

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This Property is Condemned (Sam Cooper Adventure Series #4) by Max Elliot Anderson

When his bike brakes fail, Sam Cooper literally runs into a crumbling old mansion. But instead of ghosts, a sweet...

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