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To Best the Boys by Mary Weber

In the Empyrical Kingdom of Caldon, 17-year-old Ren Fuller has no chance to attend Stanwyck University. No chance...

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Crater (A Helium-3 Novel) by Homer Hickam

Crater Trueblood lost his parents young when they immigrated to the moon. Growing up in the village of Moontown was...

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Storm Siren (The Storm Siren Trilogy, Book 1) by Mary Weber

Nymia lost her parents when she was only five and the guilt still haunts her daily. Sold into slavery, she bounces...

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Burned (Boarding School Mystery, Book 3) by Kristi Holl

Jeri McKane has another mystery to solve. A fire in Landmark Boarding School’s science lab nearly claims the life of...

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A Room of My Own by Ann Tatlock

As the country slips deeper into the Great Depression, 13-year-old Virginia was preoccupied with the tragedy of...

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Critter Tales: You Are Valuable by Dannelle Ranee (Illustrated by Erin Baldree)

Farmer Cutter talks to his critters and tells stories. Woodstock, a Polish rooster, has a top-notch crowning his head...

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