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because I know you by Beth Steury

In this sequel to before I knew you— Maggie’s head is spinning. The best and the worst parts about junior year at...

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Chasing the Lights by Deborah Lynne

Cooper and Bailee are newspaper reporters for the local high school rag. Ever anxious to unravel mysteries, Cooper and...

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Hacker by Ted Dekker

Teenage hacker extraordinaire, Nyah, needs another 25K for medical care to save mom’s life. But her preemptive hack to...

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The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness by Kyle Mann, Ethan Nicolle, & Joel Berry

“How to take your wokeness to the next level by canceling friends, breaking windows and burning it all to the ground.”...

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Water Walker by Ted Dekker

Alice Ringwald can’t remember most of her childhood. At thirteen, a man kidnaps her, saying her mother wants to see...

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Eyes Wide Open by Ted Dekker

Nosing around where she shouldn’t, 17-year-old Christy Snow falls into a concrete bunker beneath the hospital. Terror,...

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