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 Glenn’s Picks – I’m Looking for Great Christian Fiction

Each book I review will have a Christian worldview, meaning:

  • The themes are not hostile to Christianity
  • A Christian framework of right and wrong pervades the plot
  • A flawed humankind and a just, loving and biblical God may be implied, if not explicitly part of the book’s structure.


Author Glenn JPEGOf course the books I review won’t contain explicit sex or obscenities, but some may include mild insults, anatomical and scatological terms (examples: jerk, butt, and poo). These however, if present, are not normally mentioned in my reviews.

After introducing the protagonist(s) and plot, I subjectively rate the book’s quality for total entertainment value including writing quality, plot interest (to the target audience) and characterizations using a one to five star rating scale similar to Amazon’s. I also rate each book for the level of spirituality, violence and the presence of romance.

My Rating for Entertainment Value

5 stars = Amazing

4 stars = Like, great story, I liked it a lot

3 stars  = Okay, It’s all right, but others may like it more

2 stars = Fair, I probably wouldn’t recommend it

1 star = Poor

*Because I’m a writer and since I’m looking for great Christian fiction, I normally won’t post 1 or 2 star ratings for other active writers—don’t want to make enemies either. If you want info on a particular title or author, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.


Basic = A Christian worldview is assumed (even in a fantasy world, example Lord of the Rings) but God and the Bible are not specifically mentioned and there is no evangelical imperative (the idea that people need to be converted).

Moderate = God and/or the Bible and/or Christianity/principles are specifically mentioned. Characters in relationship or needing relationship to God are favorably included.

High = God and/or the Bible and/or Christianity are specifically mentioned (including in allegory form example, Chronicles of Narnia). Christians in relationship to God are presented favorably and the evangelical imperative is explicit or implied. Specifics of the gospel message may also be presented. At least some Christian authority figures are presented favorably and often as sages who provide effective biblical principles for living.


Some younger kids might feel uncomfortable with any romantic feelings on the part of the protagonist. Therefore, I’m adding a romantic indicator for each book.

None = No romantic attractions among the main tween/teen characters.

Some = The awakening of romantic feelings, first crushes, but no dating relationships.

Dating  = Dating relationships are potential or exist among the tween/teen main characters. Physicality might go as far as a kiss or kissing.


I do not normally review books with high and graphically described violence unless there is some redeeming value to the title. However, in many genres, for example action adventure, there is usually some violence, often including the mention of blood, violent battle scenes and death blows. Definitely nothing worse than the video games our kids are playing and not as explicit as some Biblical descriptions. Moreover, any violence is in the context of a Christian worldview. However, since this is a concern for some, I’ve included the following rating for violence.

Negligible  = no explicit violence

Some = Low, some pushing, shoving, maybe a punch, but probably the threat of much more.

Moderate = Some violence, including gun/sword play, even death, but without excessively explicit descriptions.

High = Some violence, including gun/sword play, death and death blows, and other graphic descriptions 

  Review Policy

I own most of the books I’ve reviewed; a few were loaned to me, came from a library, or were part of some sort of giveaway. Occasionally an author or Publisher might give me a copy of their book in exchange for a review. It that’s the case it will not affect my ratings and I’ll duly note that at the bottom of the review affected.

Happy Reading!