Burned (Boarding School Mystery, Book 3) by Kristi Holl

Burned (Boarding School Mystery, Book 3) by Kristi Holl

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

Jeri McKane has another mystery to solve. A fire in Landmark Boarding School’s science lab nearly claims the life of her friend, Abby. However, Lyndsey, another dorm mate, heroically rushes into the burning room and saves Abby. Jeri puts her reporter skills to work and scoops the school newspaper with her story. But when arson is suspected, Jeri is hot on the trail of another dangerous mystery.

Burned is another cozy mystery that younger readers won’t want to miss. The interesting relational dynamics and coming of age conflicts provide color to another well-done mystery.

This series is available as a modestly priced four book set on Kindle.

Age Range: 8-11

Genre: Mystery

Series: Boarding School Mysteries, Book 3

Zondervan Faithgirlz, 2015

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