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Critter Tales: You Are Valuable by Dannelle Ranee (Illustrated by Erin Baldree)

Farmer Cutter talks to his critters and tells stories. Woodstock, a Polish rooster, has a top-notch crowning his head...

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Betrayed (Boarding School Mysteries, Book 2) by Kristi Holl

Jeri McKane’s sixth-grade friend receives a blackmail note, the first of several. Now Jeri must use her investigative...

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Jerry the Squirrel: Volume One (Arestana Series) by Shawn P.B. Robinson

Jerry the talking squirrel was an accomplished inventor–well when his inventions actually worked. In this compilation...

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Showtime (The Eli Diaries, Book 8) by Krista McGee

At Kennedy High School, Martha wants to earn a college scholarship and stay right with her church, so she works her...

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Enough (The Eli Diaries, Book 12) by Krista McGee

After earning her scholarship, Martha looks forward to UCLA in the fall. But when Dad has a massive stroke, the...

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Rumor of a Werewolf (Monster Mysteries, Book 4) by Eddie Jones

The psycho who has been tracking Nick Caden thinks Nick is dead. But Dad isn’t taking any chances, so he ships Nick...

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