because I know you by Beth Steury

because I know you by Beth Steury

  • Spirituality-High
  • Romance-Dating
  • Violence-None

In this sequel to before I knew you— Maggie’s head is spinning. The best and the worst parts about junior year at Madison have one thing in common: Preston. If only his past hadn’t collided with their present. But it did. Now, his ex is back in the picture, and Maggie has a big decision to make. Time will help her figure things out and make the right choice, won’t it?

With his past revealed and the worst behind him, Preston has big plans to salvage what’s left of his junior year. No. What’s left of their junior year. Yep. Life will settle down for him and Maggie. Soon the nightmare will be just a bad memory. His baggage has been unpacked, so things can only get better, right?

She needs time. He’s willing to wait. But nothing is ever that simple.

Because I know you, brings new angles on high school dating, but not as much tension as in Book 1 in the series. Preston continues to vacillate as a character, but that’s high school! Again, great job handling the sexual pressures. Spiritually encouraging and relationally enlightening for every teen, and especially Christian teens.

Age Range: 10 and up

Genre: Romance

Series: Choices Matter, Book 2

Life Matters Publishing, 2019

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