Chasing the Lights by Deborah Lynne

Chasing the Lights by Deborah Lynne

  • Spirituality-High
  • Romance-Some
  • Violence-Moderate

Cooper and Bailee are newspaper reporters for the local high school rag. Ever anxious to unravel mysteries, Cooper and Bailee badger the police, interview witnesses, and try to solve the mystery of the disappearing boys. The story hits too close to home as two of the three boys that have disappeared go to his school. But the reporter in Cooper won’t let it go, so they continue to run down every lead. Can they get the story without getting too close?

Chasing the Lights is an interesting mystery featuring two persistent and wholesome characters with a touch of romance. The adventure builds to a nice climax with encouraging spirituality. The pace and characters are more aligned with the younger readers.

Age Range: 8 and up

Genre: Mystery

Series: Cooper Parks Adventures, Book 1

Sand and Sea Publishing, 2017

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