Enough (The Eli Diaries, Book 12) by Krista McGee

Enough (The Eli Diaries, Book 12) by Krista McGee

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Negligible

After earning her scholarship, Martha looks forward to UCLA in the fall. But when Dad has a massive stroke, the responsibility for her younger siblings falls on her shoulders. Despite Martha’s meanness to Eli and his friends, they show up with the unconditional love she has always missed. The conviction that Eli is something more than just another student at Kennedy High School has been growing. Now Martha must decide between her legalistic church and this kind and amazing person others are calling the Messiah. Lives hang in the balance.

The Eli Diaries are a spiritual speculative where Jesus comes to earth in an alternative universe in the equivalent 21st-century. There, he attends a local California high school. In this another novella episode by, Krista McGee, the character, Martha, comes face to face with the Messiah and must decide whether to follow him or the religion she has been brought up with all her life. Enough continues exploring the human condition and issues of faith, love and true significance— another short (novelette) but stimulating read in this series.

Age Range: 12 and up

Genre: Speculative/Contemporary

Series: The Eli Diaries, Book 12

Amaris, 2019

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