Seeing Through Stones by Rajdeep Paulus

Seeing Through Stones by Rajdeep Paulus

  • Spirituality -- Moderate
  • Romance -- Dating
  • Violence -- Moderate

Teenage siblings Talia and Jesse escape from their sadistic father, Talia to a shelter and Jesse to the streets. But how long can they run from their relentless abuser and the sinister organization he represents? Talia must overcome her terror, face her demons and stand. Jesse, consumed with revenge, plots his father’s destruction, but what would revenge cost him?

Sequel to Swimming Through Clouds, Seeing Through Stones resumes Talia’s story of physical escape and emotional healing from a nightmare life of the most horrific abuse. However, interestingly, especially for guys, the sequel adds the story of Jesse; the abused, isolated, awkward but courageous and resourceful younger brother. The characters’ inner journeys fascinate, the plot sucks you in, and the tension keeps you reading. Seeing through Stones is more of a suspense than a contemporary romance. Spirituality is again subtle; Talia’s apparent connection with God in the previous story, seems forgotten for the first twenty-three chapters while she navigates the darkest regions of her tunnel—but spirituality makes a crucial  reappearance. Author, Rajdeep Paulus, well handles a difficult subject, offering hope from a Christian worldview. Seeing Through Stones is an excellent read.

Age Range: 14 and up

Genre: Contemporary

Series: Sequel to Swimming Through Clouds 

Self Published 2014

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble Also ask for this title at your local library 

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