Wreath, A Girl (A Wreath Willis Novel Book 1) by Judy Christie

Wreath, A Girl (A Wreath Willis Novel Book 1) by Judy Christie

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

Before her mom passed away, Wreath promised she would finish high school and avoid the mistakes her mother had made. But Wreath has a secret that forces her to run and hide in a small southern town. There, she finds an extraordinary hiding place as she tries to remain unknown and unnoticed in Landry, Louisiana. But with no money and little more than her wits and raw talent she struggles to survive starvation, isolation, and the relentless pursuit of a brutal thug.

Wreath, A Girl Introduces a fascinating teenage character who struggles her way up from homelessness into high school society where she has a shot at her dream—college. This is an interesting read on rural survival. Readers will also root for this not so classic underdog, feeling her pain and victories as she slowly forges relationships like she never dreamed of. Issues of love, friendship and faith are adroitly woven into this captivating tale. A Pulpwood Queen Book Club Teen Book of the Year.

Age Range: 11 and up 

Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age

Series: A Wreath Willis Novel, Book 1 of 3

Brosette & Barnhill Publishing LLC, 2015

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