Worth the Time, (Waltham Academy Book 2) by Laura Jackson

Worth the Time, (Waltham Academy Book 2) by Laura Jackson

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Some

Lindsay Hamilton, Waltham Academy’s most notorious flirt and sometimes bad girl needs community service hours to graduate. She expects 90 hours of torture at the local community center, but instead she meets the unconquerable Sutton, the boy with serious green eyes who rejects Lindsay’s every flirtatious advance. Lindsay’s got a past that she’ll share with no one, and suddenly a future with her previously unknown biological father, who demands a DNA test and a possible meeting. There’s enough drama here for an entire cheerleading squad. Will Lindsay reach forward toward a new future, or retreat into the dark world of past fears and failures?

In Worth the Time, Laura Jackson tells the story of Lindsay Hamilton, the manipulative conniver of Book One. With many interesting plot turns the author chronicles one girl’s journey from innocent bookworm to selfish socialite who further evolves into someone new. This is a beautiful story of redemption, romance and second chances.

Age Range: 11 and up
Genre:  Contemporary, Romance
Series: Book 2 Waltham Academy series
HopeSpring, 2015
Available: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Also ask for this title at your local library and Christian book store.

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