Vanished (The Boarding School Mysteries Collection) by Kristi Holl

Vanished (The Boarding School Mysteries Collection) by Kristi Holl

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - None
  • Violence - Moderate

At Landmark Boarding School for girls, 12-year-old Jeri McKane’s roommate has vanished, along with several other students and the school’s art instructor. Despite her grief and shock, Jeri feels compelled to apply her penchant for investigative reporting to help authorities find the missing van full of girls. Jeri interviews witnesses and suspects alike while trying to unravel the knotty mystery. Meanwhile, the headmistress shuts Jeri down at every opportunity, and a disgruntled school booster threatens to revoke Jeri’s scholarship. Will she find the missing girls in time, or will a frozen lake and a winter storm claim them forever?

Kristi Holl creates a likable and deeply spiritual character with a strong dose of determination and a keen mind. Although the opening was a little slow and some technologies dated the writings facilitates comprehension for younger readers, and the mystery keeps you engaged in guessing. A nice tale for younger readers.

Age Range: 8-12
Genre: Mystery
Series: Book 1 of  4 The Boarding School Mysteries series
Zonderkidz 2015 (Original Copyright 2008, formerly titled Fading Tracks)
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