The Truth of the Matter, (The Homelanders Book Three) By Andrew Klavan

The Truth of the Matter, (The Homelanders Book Three) By Andrew Klavan

  • Spirituality -- Moderate
  • Romance -- Dating
  • Violence -- Moderate

Charlie West can’t remember the last year of his life, but he’s got bigger problems. When he should be enjoying his senior year in high school, he’s on the run, a fugitive wanted by every law enforcement agency in the country—and he can’t remember committing any crimes. Worse, a shadowy group of terrorists—The Homelanders—are also hot on his heels, determined to kill him—after another round of torture. Charlie’s only clue is to find the man named Waterman, his only hope to find answers and clear his name. But if he finds the truth, will he be able to live with it?

More edge of your seat writing from Andrew Klavan, as Charlie, an ordinary church kid who turns out to be extraordinary, narrowly escapes one disaster after another. Never give up, never give in, trust in God and hold out for truth. This is another action adventure-mystery, but it is also a tale of duty, romance, and love of family and country rolled into one more page turning awesome read in this series.

Age Range: 11 and up

Genre: Action Adventure/Mystery 

Series: Book three of four. Note the four book Homelanders Series is now available in a single volume at a discounted price. I recommend!

Thomas Nelson 2010

Available: Amazon,  Also ask for this title at your local library

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  1. Can’t wait till I get book 3

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