Foundlings (The Peleg Chronicles Book 1) By Matthew Christian Harding

Foundlings (The Peleg Chronicles Book 1) By Matthew Christian Harding

  • Spirituality -- High
  • Romance -- None
  • Violence -- Moderate

In the days of Peleg following Noah’s flood the earth was divided, men were few and ravening beasts were many. Still, there were heroes, men and women, boys and girls who followed the God of Noah. Two foundlings (orphans), twelve-year-old Thiery and his friend Susie, are caught up in service to the wicked Count Rosencross and his roving Legion. The Dragon priests attached to Rosencross decide to offer Thiery as a sacrifice to their god Marduk. Thiery survives, escapes and finds fellowship and protection from the banished Lord McDougal. Together they fight dragons, clash with wicked men and battle to return to Hradcranny to rescue Susie. B

The author Matthew Christian Harding does a masterful job creating a fantasy world out of this interesting and obscure section of Bible history. With lovable characters, a hero’s quest, and fantastic creatures, the author ingeniously weaves Scripture into the dialogue and produces an excellent read filled with biblical principles. However, this book is difficult to rate for entertainment value. The adult and generally distant point of view and the vocabulary might hinder some younger readers from connecting with the characters. Moreover, Thiery, the main character wasn’t introduced until chapter five. On the other hand, a proficient and patient reader can receive much, and the story is strong and engaging.

Age Range: 8-12

Genre: Fantasy Historical

Series: Book 1 of 3

2009 Zoe & Sozo Publishing

Available: Amazon,, Author’s Website, Also ask for this title at your local library



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