Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, Book 1) by Michelle Isenhoff

Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, Book 1) by Michelle Isenhoff

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

Taylor Davis thought he was reaching for a burger in his middle school lunchroom, the next thing he knows, he’s talking to Davy Jones on some hidden Caribbean Island. It doesn’t help that Elena, his classmate, who was also grabbing for that same burger has fallen into the supernatural adventure with him. Taylor discovers that together, they have been chosen to rekindle the flame of the Sword of Findul, the famous blade that guards The Tree of Life. For the undead Bartholomew Swain and other demonic creatures would win The Tree of Life and gain the power of death over all living beings. Together with two angels in human guise, Taylor and Elena set out on the quest. But the hellhounds now know of Taylor Davis and are determined to kill him at all costs.

Non-stop action, middling dialogue tags and Bill Meyer-like humor make this a fun read for the boys, and the girls as well. Although God is only nominally alluded to, with excellent imagination the author conveys powerful spiritual realities.

Age Range: 10 and up 

Genre: Fantasy
Series: Taylor Davis Series, Book 1 of 2
Candle Star Press, 2013
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