Swipe by Evan Angler

Swipe by Evan Angler

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

Twelve-year old Logan Langley is scheduled to take the mark on his thirteenth birthday giving him access to the adult world. Five years earlier, his older sister Lily died while receiving the mark and Logan’s nagging sense of being watched keeps him up at night and looking over his shoulder by day. His father tells Logan he’s paranoid.

Thirteen-year old Erin Arbitor’s father leaves the capital city of Beacon and takes a secret assignment in the backwoods town of Spokie. Erin, angry with her parents separation snoops into her father’s secret papers and discovers he’s a spy, a top DOME official (Department of Mark Emergencies) tasked to capture a renegade boy named Peck for interfering with middle schooler’s scheduled to take the mark. After meeting Logan, Erin takes interest in his paranoid stories, and together they discover Peck’s group of conspirators called “the Dust” who live with the unmarked outcasts on Slog Row. Danger mounts and death threatens Logan and Erin whose loyalties are tested—to the limit.

                      The apocalyptic setting echoes the Book of Revelation with its one world government, religion and the sinister “mark” required to buy or sell. Logan faces middle school isolation, family, friendship and girl problems, including first crushes. But the biggest crisis of all is the choice of whether or not to take the mark. Swipe starts slow, but Evan Angler‘s  interesting and unique plot will compel you to buy the next book.  

Age Range: 8 and up

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Apocalyptic

Thomas Nelson 2011

Series: Yes, Book 1 of 4

Available: Amazon,  Christianbook.com  Also ask for this book at your local library

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