Skull Creek Stakeout (The Caden Chronicles Book Two) By Eddie Jones

Skull Creek Stakeout (The Caden Chronicles Book Two) By Eddie Jones

  • Spirituality -- High
  • Romance -- Some
  • Violence -- Moderate

Fifteen-year-old Nick Caden gets a sweet assignment from his editor at the Cool Ghoul Gazette—a possible vampire slaying in Transylvania—North Carolina. Amazingly, Nick obtains parental permission, but must stay with his great aunt Vivian in nearby Ashville. However, auntie drops him off at a B&B run by a vampirologist, who whisks Nick off to spend the night at the dead man’s creepy old mansion—alone. Nick begins to track down the truth of this wild mystery. But the closer Nick gets, the more dangerous the journey, both to himself, and to those nearest to him—including the girl he just might be interested in. Skull Creek Stakeout is an entertaining mystery with lots of well obscured suspects, nail biting action and suspense. Although the occult is obviously discussed, the author, Eddie Jones, provides strong Christian secondary characters bringing a solid Christian world view and perspective in the midst of evil and death. And Nick, a skeptic, dispels the vampire myth and moves spiritually to the point of considering asking God for help . . .  The Further Investigation questions also include bible study passages that illumine and clarify the spiritual truths presented.

Age Range: 11 and up

Genre: Action Adventure/Mystery 

Zonderkidz 2013 Series: Book Two of Three

Available:  Amazon, Barns & Noble Also ask for this title at your local library

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