Run (Intense, Book 2) by Glenn Haggerty

Run (Intense, Book 2) by Glenn Haggerty

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - None
  • Violence - Moderate

If the first book is any indication, intense is a good word for the series. I’m not a middle grade boy, but I definitely see how the novel could appeal to them. Tyler deals with a lot of normal issues that every tween struggles with, friends, popularity, annoying siblings, the desire to fit in. You name it, and Tyler has it–along with dangerous knowledge of a secret buried deep in the woods.

I read the first couple chapters to my 8 year old–who’s a little younger than the recommended age–and he kept begging me to read more and more, wanting to know what happened to Tyler. And as a mom, I loved how God and a spiritual thread were woven into the novel. I can give my son a riveting, adventurous story and know that he’s still learning biblical principles. What more can I ask for in a middle grade novel?

Age Range: 10 and up

Genre: Action Adventure

Series: Intense, Book 2

Taegais Publishing, 2015

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naomi rawlingsGuest Reviewer: Inspirational Romance Author, Naomi Rawlings

I work with Naomi in critiquing one another’s writing. She was given a free copy of Run (to critique) and in exchange for an honest review. If you like inspirational romance, check out Naomi’s books, she is an awesome writer.Glenn



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  1. This book is so exciting! A great read with Intense plot and character development. Tyler is a teen boy struggling after moving to a new school with making friends and dealing with bullies in a real way that brings me back to the difficulties of being that age. On top of this the turbulence after discovering dangerous robbers makes this book tough to put down. Any teen or adult would enjoy this book!

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