The Revisionary (The Rogues Book 1) by Kristin Hogrefe

The Revisionary (The Rogues Book 1) by Kristin Hogrefe

  • Spirituality - Basic
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

In a dystopian future, the shattered remains of the United States have been reconstituted into the American Socialists United—ASU where civility, equality and fidelity rule with an iron fist. When Portia’s brother, Darius is banished to a slave colony for supposed disloyalty to the cause, she decides to change the system from within. Although diminutive and hampered with a handicap, she ascends to the head of her class with her sharp intellect and determination. Years of hard work pay off as she receives one of the coveted scholarships to become a Revisionary, one of the few who can change the Codex. But when she arrives at the capital city, she finds herself surrounded by powerful enemies and soon freefalls into a whirlpool of political and relational intrigue.

The Revisionary is a sharply written dystopian tale with an interesting protagonist and supporting characters. The well-woven plot takes some interesting turns, including journeys of a sort back into American history. The political and relational intrigues and subtle spirituality were captivating.  This is a book readers should look forward to reading.

Age Range: 11 and up 

Genre: Dystopian, Romance

Write Integrity Press, 2017

Series: The Rogues, Book 1 of 3

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