Refuge by Stephanie M.E. Gallentine

Refuge by Stephanie M.E. Gallentine

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - None
  • Violence - Moderate

At 16 Kevin Ramsey is already a computer hacker extraordinaire with a bad rep. But when his friend’s dad hires him to make some routine tests of one of his security company’s clients, Kevin unearths a scam that’s anything but routine. He pockets the evidence, but the criminals are onto him. He tries to run, but his grieving father and the school principal catch him and hatch a plan to send him to the Pacific Aquatic Research Center for “rehabilitation.” There he meets some remarkable people whose friendship begins to melt his hard heart. But will the criminals discover his location? And what will happen if they do?

Refuge packs powerful action and suspense with a deep journey into a misunderstood teen’s struggle to overcome the grief of his mother’s death and his father’s dysfunction. Although Kevin and his dad are wrecks, devout characters bring a high level of spirituality to the drama, and Kevin begins to find refuge in God’s love. A fascinating story.

Age Range: 11-18 

Genre: Action Adventure/Mystery, Contemporary
Word Aflame Press, 2009
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