Policed (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel, Book 3) by Alana Terry

Policed (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel, Book 3) by Alana Terry

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

College freshmen, Kennedy Stern, and her friend, Reuben, are into their second semester. Although they’ve spent much time together as biology majors, and have developed a deep friendship, they’ve never dated. Tonight might just be their first when they decide to go out for an evening show. After borrowing a friend’s car, Kennedy is annoyed and disturbed when a cop pulls her over for seemingly no reason. But her alarm turns to horror when this white cop handcuffs her black friend and commences with verbal and then physical abuse. The violence escalates throwing Kennedy and Ruben into a personal odyssey of fear and righteous indignation that initiates a racially charged community-wide and even national confrontation. How will they pick up the pieces of their own lives—and their relationship?

Policed probes the issue of police brutality from various and interesting perspectives that are both evenhanded and thought provoking. As she has done throughout the series, Terry is unafraid to delve into controversial social issues. This book is for those students equipped to critically analyze complex social and interpersonal issues from a Christian perspective. In addition, students would benefit from trusted adult input with the discussion questions.

Age Range: 14 and up 

Genre: Suspense, Contemporary, Romance

Self-published, 2016

Series: Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novels, Book 3 of 5

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