Lily Robbins, M.D. (The Lily Series #2) by Nancy Rue

Lily Robbins, M.D. (The Lily Series #2) by Nancy Rue

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - None
  • Violence - Some

Lily Robbins and her mom barely avoid an auto accident, but another car doesn’t fare as well. Confronted by the shock, pain and suffering of the accident victims, and the professionalism of the paramedics, sixth grader, Lily decides to take first aid en route to becoming a medical doctor and saving as many people as she can along the way. But when she pushes her Girlz Only Club friends into joining her medical mania, she can’t understand why they aren’t interested in healthy food and learning CPR. Meanwhile, Lily’s archenemy, classmate Shad Shifferdecker, and his gang of rowdy friends plot to make Lily’s life miserable. Things go from bad to worse, kids get hurt, friendships crumble and Lily must make some changes.

It’s girls versus boys in this contemporary drama with a little twist of the unexpected. Nancy Rue does an excellent job of capturing life from the eyes of an 11-year-old girl. Lily Robbins, M.D. (medical dabbler) has nice humor, tween angst and some frank discussions of approaching female puberty which the author does an excellent job of handling. The appendix also contains an outstanding discussion of the subject that is informative in a positive way and spiritually edifying. This book is definitely for girlz only.

Age Range: 8-12

Genre: Contemporary Drama, Humor

Series: Book 2 of 13 in The Lily Series

Tommy Nelson 2012

Available: Amazon and  Also ask for this title at your local library and Christian book store.

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