Jack Staples and the City of Shadows by Mark Batterson & Joel Clark

Jack Staples and the City of Shadows by Mark Batterson & Joel Clark

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - None
  • Violence - Moderate

Jack, Alexia, and Arthur battle the Assassin and his army of shadow-souled yet again. The Assassin, bent upon destroying the Awakened and their leader, The Author, pursues Alexia Dreager and Jack Staples. If he cannot recruit Alexia or Jack to his evil cause, he will destroy these Children of the Prophecy. The Assassin captures Alexia and carries her to his citadel, the dark city of Thaltorose. There the mystery of the Children of Prophecy deepens even as Alexia inexplicably begins to succumb to the Assassin’s deceptions. Meanwhile, Jack, Arthur and their super human companions, are determined to rescue Alexia before she turns completely, giving the Assassin the lever he needs for annihilation and total domination.

In this sequel to Jack Staples and the Ring of Time, Mark Batterson and Joel Clark continue the powerful tale of good versus evil. The action was yet again intense, and the Christian allegories magnificent. The flashbacks were sometimes challenging to follow, but patience was worth the effort. Another great read.

Age Range: 8 and up 

Genre: Fantasy
Series: Jack Staples Series, Book 2 of 3
David Cook, 2015
Available at:
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