Jack Staples and the Ring of Time By Mark Batterson and Joel N. Clark

Jack Staples and the Ring of Time By Mark Batterson and Joel N. Clark

  • Spirituality -- High
  • Romance -- None
  • Violence -- Moderate

The Staples seem like an ordinary family in rural Ireland, but there’s something special about eleven-year-old Jack. A lion inexplicably saves Jack’s life during a circus fire, his mother possesses mysterious healing powers, and his schoolteacher, well, nobody knows how old she really is. But Jack is the child of prophecy, with an amazing gift as yet unrevealed. When the Assassin and his minions finally discover Jack’s whereabouts, they will stop at nothing to recruit him into their services—or or destroy him in the process. But what if the prophecy has a twofold fulfillment? Who is the 13-year-old orphan tomboy Alexia Dreager? What mysterious powers does she possess? And more importantly, whose side is she on?

With nonstop action and mystery, Mark Batterson and Joel N. Clark have nailed a fantasy world and a driving plot flush with Biblical analogies that will excite and encourage young and not so young readers alike. The young protagonists and writing style render this book conducive to young readers, however, the creative genius and high action will attract readers of all ages. This is one of those books you will have a hard time putting down.

Age Range: 8-up

Genre: Fantasy

2014 by David Cook

Series: Book 1 of  3 in the Jack Staples Series

Available: Amazon, Christianbook.com Also ask for this title at your local library

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