Illuminated: Book One (The White Road Chronicles) By Jackie Castle

Illuminated: Book One (The White Road Chronicles) By Jackie Castle

  • Spirituality -- High
  • Romance -- Some
  • Violence -- Moderate

Darnel, the wicked king of Rocah had kidnapped 17-year-old “Princess” as a child. Claiming to be her father, he stole her name and memory and now terrorizes her with sorcery—to what end, Princess, or Alyra doesn’t know. Escape seems impossible until a strange messenger brings tidings of Aloblase, a fair city of refuge far away. With the sacrificial help of many, Alyra makes her escape and encounters enemies, allies and treacherous deceivers along the narrow way marked by white stones. With Darnell’s evil servants hounding her every step, will she keep her courage, discern friend from enemy, make the right choices and find real freedom?

Illuminated, is a subtle but powerful Christian allegory reminiscent not in style, but in effect, of The Chronicles of Narnia. Jackie Castle produces a magnificent story world peopled with imaginative and interesting characters. The Heroine is special and extremely valuable to both sides—both good and evil. Through the author’s magic, readers sense that they too are special and likewise held in high regard—and that their decisions also matter. This is a impressive story, only a few minor writer and editing issues kept this story from a higher rating.

Age Range: 10 and up

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Book 1 of 4 of The White Road Chronicles (as of this date)

2012 Castle Library Enterprises and

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Also ask for this title at your local library

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  1. This book reminded me a little of Pilgrim’s Progress in that this girl was on a journey and trying to escape evil and stay on the road(!). It pulled me in and I thought that the main character was relatable and I hated when she made bad choices. Overall, a fun adventure to read.

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