Hostage Run (The MindWar Trilogy, Book 2) by Andrew Klavan

Hostage Run (The MindWar Trilogy, Book 2) by Andrew Klavan

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

The evil genius Kurodar’s virtual realm has its tentacles wrapped in reality. Soon he will launch drones against the U.S. capital. Again Rick Dial must enter the mind war realm and his avatar must yet again fight the beasties, level up and secure victory. At the same time Kurodar sends his brutal henchmen to kidnap Rick’s girlfriend, Molly and hold her hostage to keep Rick from reentering the realm and stopping the holocaust. Now Rick must calculate the risks, including the possibility of a mole on his OPS team, and make tough choices.

Building on MindWar Book 1, Andrew Klavan spins another high action sci-fi thriller. Klavan employs a highly creative plot/setting, but also experiments with an omniscient point of view. Moving from character to character in rapid succession facilitates the plot, but limits the reader’s “in the skin” experience like the one you get with The Homelanders Series. Hostage Run is another excellent read, but with a different feel.

Age Range: 11 and up 

Genre: Action Adventure/Mystery
Series: The MindWar Trilogy, Book 2 of 3
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