Hostage on the Nighthawk by Dave & Neta Jackson

Hostage on the Nighthawk by Dave & Neta Jackson

  • Spirituality -- High
  • Romance -- None
  • Violence -- Some

Pirates capture Theo Story, his mom and younger sister, locking them tight in a dungeon like cabin while the piratical Dr. Patch demands the release of their leader—the infamous Captain Kidd. On the high seas, there seems no hope of escape. But the pirates decide to hide the sleek but heavily armed Nighthawk up a secluded Chesapeake Bay tributary. There, thirteen-year-old Theo and his family have a chance of escape—if he can match wits with the scoundrels.

Dave & Neta Jackson open this story with Governor William Penn returning to his colony in 1699, weaving a nice snapshot of this hero of the faith into their tale. Theo’s irresponsibility and selfishness costs, first his friend, then his family, and as the story unfolds, he learns to be “his brother’s keeper.”

In the Trailblazer Books series, Dave & Neta Jackson have forty titles with each book featuring a hero of the Christian faith in a fictionalized action adventure. These books provide exciting adventure, a subtle history, and excellent spiritual lessons. The short length (approximately 130 pages), large print and easy read style make these books particularly appealing for boys and girls aged 8-10. Check out the authors’ website for more resources. However, as of this date, their books are only available in ebook format, except for a few stray used paper copies and of course borrowed from libraries.

Although I’ve only read the titles listed here, I highly recommend the entire series based upon the user feedback—my children were crazy about them!

Age Range: 8 and up

Genre: Historical, Action Adventure

 Series: One of 40 Trailblazer Books 

Story Illustrations by Anne Gavitt

Castle Rock 2012

Available:  Amazon, Trailblazer Books,  and ask for them in your local library 


  1. I thought this book and books in this series were cool. Great adventures.

  2. I thought this book and books in this series were cool.

  3. I have read pretty much all the books in these series and love them! I enjoy that the authors take historical figures and make a side story that seems like it could be real.

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