Greyson Gray: Camp Legend by B.C. Tweedt

Greyson Gray: Camp Legend by B.C. Tweedt

  • Spirituality - Basic
  • Romance - Dating
  • Violence - Moderate

Greyson Gray has to fit in with 18 other seventh-graders at Morris College All-Sports Camp—extra tough when worrying about a missing dad. But Grayson has perseverance, dedication and a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and soon he and his crazy golden Cowboys began to jell. However, some very nasty characters have infiltrated Morris College, and soon Grayson is caught up in a sinister terrorist plot. Will Grayson take a chance and do the good that should be done, or will he pretend the evil dumped in his lap isn’t real?

With thrilling action, suspense, and moderate violence, B.C. Tweedt captures the middle school mindset and peppers the story with zany and interesting characters, including Grayson’s first crush, Sydney. With a sometimes puzzling point of view, and after a pedestrian opening, the author hits the accelerator and races through high-octane scenes. Hence, the persevering reader is promised a captivating story. Although the protagonist exemplifies gentlemanly propriety, the plot also included a little more romance than expected. Still, Grayson Gray Camp Legend, is a high entertainment value read.

Age Range: 10 and up 

Genre: Action Adventure Thriller (with Romantic elements)
Series: Book 1 of  3 Greyson Gray series
Copyright 2012
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