I Get a Clue (My Edinburgh Files, Book 1) by Nancy Ellen Hird

I Get a Clue (My Edinburgh Files, Book 1) by Nancy Ellen Hird

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - None

Circumstances force nearly 12-year-old Libby Carlson to leave her sunny California schoolmates and help her grandmother run a bed & breakfast in Edinburgh, Scotland. When Libby gets over “the most horrible news ever,” and lands in Scotland, everything is strange, lonely and exciting at the same time. But with her mother’s family’s welcome, she adjusts and this aspiring sleuth is soon caught up in the mystery surrounding Gran’s B&B, and Mr. MacLeod’s Bakery. Libby meets a potential best friend, but “Phil” turns out to be a bit of a pill in search of thrills that lands both girls in loads of trouble as they get in over their heads.

I Get a Clue features a smart and snarky tween who is curious as a cat, but also has a heart of gold. Although the technology seems somewhat dated, I Get a Clue is well written with brisk action and minimal violence. The plot includes an interesting setting, strong characters and a nicely done mystery that the girls will love.

Age Range: 8 and up 

Genre: Mystery

Desert Fires Press, 2012

Series: My Edinburgh Files, Book 1 of 2

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