Game Over (The MindWar Trilogy Book 3) by Andrew Klavan

Game Over (The MindWar Trilogy Book 3) by Andrew Klavan

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

Ex-high school quarterback, Rick Dial, must enter the Mind War realm yet again. The evil genius Kurodar, although defeated, has not been destroyed. The virtual realm he has created using supercomputers linked to his mind has obtained access into the very minds of his enemies. Now, using this toehold and his web of spies, the madman has gained control of a super laser and prepares to fry most of North America. Only Rick and the girl he has come to find might be more than he realized can battle the terrorist in the Mind War Realm and save the country in the real world. But can he accomplish his quest without destroying himself and his loved ones?

In his finale to The MindWar Trilogy, Andrew Klavan does not disappoint. With another high action sci-fi thriller, he delves into the inner minds of both the hero and the antagonist with insight and imagination as these two minds, one flawed, one totally corrupt, do battle. The highly creative setting, plot twists, and nice romantic element, make Game Over a fun and satisfying read.

Age Range: 11 and up 

Genre: Action Adventure, Mystery

Thomas Nelson, 2016

Series: The MindWar Trilogy, Book 3

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