Fire Prophet (Son of Angels, Jonah Stone Book 2) By Jerel  Law

Fire Prophet (Son of Angels, Jonah Stone Book 2) By Jerel Law

  • Spirituality -- High
  • Romance -- None
  • Violence -- Moderate

Abaddon, leader of the fallen, once more orders the destruction of all Nephilim and quarterlings (humans with angel blood and powers), including, middle school siblings Jonah and Eliza. After surviving a demonic attack, the quarterlings hide out in a New York City convent, where under the protection and tutelage of a host of mighty warrior Angels, they learn spiritual disciplines and train to develop their angelic powers to fight demons in the Hidden Realm, that unseen world where spiritual battle rages. However, using duplicity, double agents and kidnapping a human prophet, Abaddon schemes to wipe out the Nephilim and quarterlings once and for all.

Children endowed with superhuman powers and bloodless battles all around—always a fun read. Jeral Law artfully weaves spiritual truths into a creative story world and action tale. With the bumps in the distant point of view and character interactions, Fire Prophet wasn’t as strong as the first book in the series, but still a recommended read. Adolescent issues are absent, as this book is definitely for the younger readers and would have been better with a younger protagonist.

Age Range: 8-11

Genre: Fantasy

Thomas Nelson 2012

Series: Book 2 of 4 (as of the date of this review)

Available: Amazon,, Also ask for this title at your local library

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