Eye of the Storm: The First Token (Time Game Series) by D.A. Featherling

Eye of the Storm: The First Token (Time Game Series) by D.A. Featherling

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - None
  • Violence - Some

12-year-old twins Marko and Sami discover a strange looking board game in Great-Uncle Henry’s attic. While wrestling over the board pieces, the brother and sister are suddenly whisked away from Texas and land on board the L.R. Doty, a steamer in the middle of Lake Michigan. They soon discover that not only have they traveled over 1000 miles from their home, but they have also time traveled over 100 years into the past. On board the Doty, they must find a way to keep their secret, but more importantly, find a way home. But first, they must contend with an extraordinary storm and a villain intent on sending the Doty to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Eye of the Storm features some playful sibling squabbling and an easy pace plot with strong spirituality well aimed at the middle grade audience. This fantasy turned historical, also offers an interesting slice of shipping on the Great Lakes at the dawn of the 20th Century.

Age Range: 8-12

Genre: Fantasy, Historical

Series: Time Game, Book 1 of 4

Self Published, 2016

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