The Door (Seventh Dimension Series Book 1) by Lorilyn Roberts

The Door (Seventh Dimension Series Book 1) by Lorilyn Roberts

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

At fourteen, Shale Snyder has a secret clinging to her like a gob of cotton candy. Someone is stalking her. Or is that in her head? After a run-in with her nemesis, Judd, and a suspension by school officials, her only friend, Rachel’s parents forbid them spending time together. Alone, she follows a strange puppy into the woods behind her apartment into a beautiful garden with talking animals. However, wicked underlings drive her from the garden into a land far away and long ago. There, she meets a boy, Daniel, a wicked stepmother from another dimension, and eventually her real father. Although Daniel is kind, an alter ego, Judd, also resides in her new home to torment her. As the adventures unfold, Shale must confront demons within and demons without, and find answers that are bound up with the mysterious personage that the animals call “The King.”

Seventh Dimension, is an account of a young girl coming of age, exploring romantic feelings, finding deliverance from bondage and spiritual enlightenment. This story has cuddly animals, horrific creatures, and interesting characters woven into a transformational journey. Another fun read.

Age Range: 11 and up 

Genre: Fantasy, Coming-of-Age

Roberts Court Reporters, 2013

Series: Seventh Dimension, Book 1 of 4

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