Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

  • Spirituality - Basic
  • Romance - Dating
  • Violence - Moderate

Veronica’s boyfriend dumps her just before high school graduation, her father deserted her and mom is dating a sleezeball, but when a handsome guy with a Scottish accent begins haunting her dreams and visions, her life is about to take a fantastic turn. When her BFF, Mckenna, pays her way to Scotland, the haunting intensifies until suddenly, Veronica and Mckenna enter and idyllic realm patterned after King Arthor’s tales and the crown prince is the boy of her dreams. But instead of welcome, the Prince Duncan MacCrae treats her like a threat. An evil bent upon destroying the good realm of Doon has somehow woven Veronica into its web. Will she escape in time to save Doon? And will Duncan ever trust her enough to have a relationship?

Doon, is a modern day fairytale romance with intriguing world building and interesting multifaceted protagonists. Neither Vee or McKenna are believers, but they’ve entered a realm where nearly everyone—incluluding the prince—have faith in the Provider.

Disclaimer: There is some crude humor with sexual innuendo, but this is a crossover with an excellent plot that girls should find compelling. On the other hand, the boy heroes were highly idealized—seemingly devoid of typical teenage boys’ foibles.

Age Range: 14 and up 

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Zondervan Blink, 2013

Series: Book 1 of 4 of A Doon Novel

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