Diary of a Real Payne, Book One, True Story By Annie Tipton

Diary of a Real Payne, Book One, True Story By Annie Tipton

  • Spirituality -- High
  • Romance -- None
  • Violence -- None

Ten-year-old EJ Payne, a pastor’s kid lives in boring Spooner, Wisconsin. But her Anne-of-Green-Gables-like imagination keeps life interesting—and gives her the reputation as an airhead. Her snarky nemesis, CoraLee McCallister, takes every opportunity to belittle EJ and rubs it in when she defeats EJ in the spelling bee and captures the lead in the Christmas play. Still, when EJ accepts a backup part in the play, she gets more than she bargained for, including the blossoming of some amazing changes

With nice humor, Annie Tipton portrays the life of a young PK. Emma Jean has a great relationship with her parents who also possess entertaining idiosyncrasies, along with some serious wisdom. The plot may seem pedestrian to some, but the humor keeps it interesting, and the emotional, life changing climax is worth waiting for. Diary of a Real Payne is an excellent example of applying Christian principles to the life of a ten-year-old.

Age Range: 8-11

Genre: Contemporary, Humor

Series: Book One of Three

2013 Barbour Publishing

Available: Christianbooks.com  Amazon, And ask for this title from your local library

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