The Delaware Detectives, A Middle – Grade Mystery by Dana Rongione

The Delaware Detectives, A Middle – Grade Mystery by Dana Rongione

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Negilgible

Abby and her younger brother, Jamie, are sent to spend the summer grandpa’s in this sleepy little town of Lewiston, Delaware. Pop-Pop is the best, but things are slow—except for the bickering between the siblings. Then Abby discovers a mysterious stamp collection in grandpa’s attic and the first clue to a hidden treasure left behind by their ancestor. With Pop-Pop’s help, they follow a twisting trail through great-great grandmother’s creepy old house, finding some cool stuff and two friends along the way. But is there really anything to this treasure, and if so what will they really find?

The Delaware Detectives is a low-key mystery for younger readers. With negligible violence, the story runs on satisfying detective work and fine character development between the siblings. There are some cool illustrations, and faith and family values are nicely reinforced. According to the book blurb, this book was written with home school students in mind. The length, style and glossary of terms will also help build student’s reading confidence.

Age Range: 8-12

Genre: Mystery

Series: A Delaware Detectives Mystery, Book 1 of 4

A Word Fitly Spoken Press, 2012

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