Dead Man’s Hand, The Caden Chronicles Book One by Eddie Jones

Dead Man’s Hand, The Caden Chronicles Book One by Eddie Jones

  • Spirituality -- Basic
  • Romance -- Some
  • Violence -- Moderate

While vacationing in Deadwood, a Western theme park in the remote Rockies, Fourteen-year-old Nick Caden finds a body—a real one—or is it? With Hollywood style trick photography snatching illusionary dead bodies who can tell for sure? And Nick has no evidence or leads—yet. Join Nick as he sleuths through the facts, apparently aided by fourteen-year-old Deadwood actress, Annie—as in Annie Oakley—a dead shot with a Smith & Wesson.

This excellent mystery keeps you guessing, and Eddie Jones keeps you rooting for the cyber-sleuthing hero. An excellent read for middle grade, middle school readers. Nick and his family, apparently not Christians at this point, both find and raise interesting questions, The Bible study questions at the end are some of the best I’ve seen in middle grade and young adult books. They’d make excellent small group discussion material.

Age Range: 11 and up

Genre: Action Adventure/Mystery

Zondervan 2012

Series: The Caden Chronicles Book One (1 of  4)

Available: Amazon, Also ask for this book at your local library 

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