David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

  • Spirituality - Moderate
  • Romance - Dating
  • Violence - Some

As a young boy, David loses his father. But when his mother remarries to a scoundrel cloaked as a man of religious virtue, he loses everything. Eventually, he must find his way alone in the world through various struggles and with some outrageous characters. Set in the mid-Nineteenth Century, Dickens covers Copperfield’s life from childhood through young adulthood, romance and into marriage and a career as a novelist.

With its sharp wit, outlandish characters and penetrating insight it’s clear why this Dickens work is a classic. Although David Copperfield is rather lengthy (over 1,000 pages), the sections covering Copperfield’s childhood and young adulthood should make fascinating reading for students. And those who persevere to the end will be rewarded with more irony, humor, pathos, and the hope that only comes from faith.

Age Range: 12 and up

Genre: Historical, Coming of Age


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