Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles Part 1) by Jill Williamson

Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles Part 1) by Jill Williamson

  • Spirituality - Basic
  • Romance - Dating
  • Violence - Moderate

Wilek, son and apparent heir of the king of Armania, must endure a polytheistic religious system that includes human sacrifice – – even the sacrifice of his brother while awaiting his capricious fathers choice of a new heir. Wilek must also contend with intrigues from foreign powers, the loss of his lover and ongoing court intrigues. Although Armania is at uneasy peace with the four other realms, the civilized world seems to be facing the five prophesied woes. Earthquakes that ravage the land and swallow even entire cities. Wilek must decide whether to obey his father or do the right thing.

At 160 pages, Darkness Reigns is a short novella, a serial really, that lacks a definitive conclusion. Therefore, to enjoy a full story, readers will have to obtain the remaining books in the series. Darkness Reigns is well written, however the sheer number of characters presented, and the complexity of this fantasy world building make it difficult to discover the story and how the characters fit into it. Patience, however, is a virtue that I think will be rewarded with this series. In addition, although the story seems rather pagan, I’m confident it is headed in a monotheistic direction.

Age Range: 14 and up 

Genre: Fantasy

Bethany House, 2015

Series: The Kinsman Chronicles, Book 1 of 6

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