Code of Silence  (A Code of Silence Novel) By Tim Shoemaker

Code of Silence (A Code of Silence Novel) By Tim Shoemaker

  • Spirituality -- Moderate
  • Romance -- Some
  • Violence -- Moderate

After finishing middle school homework and pounding a video game, Cooper, Hiro and Gordy linger past closing at Frank En’Stein’s Diner. When robbers burst into the back, the kids scurry for cover and witness masked criminals beating the owner into a coma. With heart pounding suspense, they barely escape with the video surveillance drive that could identify them—but not before the clown faced bandit, dressed as a cop, snags Cooper’s house key and vows to find him.

Cooper reasons they can’t trust the police and convinces his friends to make a pact of silence. However, lies escalate, police and mobsters—who may be one and the same—close in and friendships are tested to the limit. How will Cooper escape this mess?

In Code of Silence author Tim Shoemaker confronts readers with the moral dilemma of truth telling in the face of danger and artfully reveals the relational and character consequences of taking the “safe way” instead of doing the right thing. The story has excellent tension, mystery and suspense throughout—I liked it a lot—however, the three points of view used seemed unnecessary at times and distanced the reader from Cooper, the main character.

Age Range: 8 and up

Genre: Action Adventure/Mystery

Zondervan 2012

Series: A Code of Silence Novel (First of three)

Abailable: Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, Also ask for this title at your local library

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