Brothers and Betrayal (Tales of Taelis, Book 2) by Sarah Holman

Brothers and Betrayal (Tales of Taelis, Book 2) by Sarah Holman

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Moderate

After tragically losing his older brother, twelve-year-old Bryon flees for his life with his younger sisters, Flora and Eva. Rescued by the mysterious Archer and his band of brothers, Bryon and his siblings find shelter deep within Delmore Forest. There Bryon chafes for revenge, but the faith and chivalry of the Archer and his friends works on Bryon’s psyche and he begins to desire the peace that surpasses understanding. Meanwhile Briana, princes of Delmore, secretly supplies the Archer even as she struggles to provide for her kingdom in spite of the neglect of her estranged father, the King.

Set somewhere in the age of castles, knights and kings, Brothers and Betrayal, is a friendly story of faith and chivalry overcoming hatred and the urge for revenge. The heroes, John the Archer and Briana the princess, stand against evil with the highest of integrity, the maximum of grace, and the minimum of violence—a nice read for the younger audience.

Age Range: 8-12 

Genre: Historical, Adventure

Self-Published, 2015

Series: Tales of Taelis, Book 2

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