Eight Notes to a Nobody, (The Bird Face Series, Volume 1)

Eight Notes to a Nobody, (The Bird Face Series, Volume 1)

  • Spirituality -- Moderate
  • Romance -- Some
  • Violence -- None

Wendy Robichaud is sweating eighth grade at Bellingrath Junior High. Bullies mock her looks, the cool kids ignore her, and her only friend is blooming like a flower—maybe growing away. Things are tough at home too; after divorcing mom, dad remains distant, and the gloomy little house feels like a cage. Someone starts passing her mysterious post-it notes at school, but is it a friend or another mocker? When the masks start slipping on the other kids, Wendy realizes she’s not the only one desperately seeking acceptance and in the process, she discovers secrets about friendship and self respect.

With sharp wit and a message of hope, Bird Face gets real, focusing on middle school friendships and acceptance from a subtly Christian worldview. The author, Cynthia Toney, also touches upon the tough issues of bullying, divorce, eating disorders, first crushes, suicide and doing the right thing. With humor offering hope, for ages 10-14, Eight Notes to a Nobody was an entertaining and encouraging read.

Age Range: 10 and up

Genre: Contemporary, Humor

Write Integrity Press 2015

Available: Amazon  Also ask for this book at your local library

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