Beginnings (The Tacket Secret, Book 3) by Emma Carrie

Beginnings (The Tacket Secret, Book 3) by Emma Carrie

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - None
  • Violence - Moderate

Although the threat of the Russian mafia has abated, 14-year-old Jesse Tacket knows that the real danger comes from her former covert OPS trainer (known as the General) who still seeks to recover what he considers a mere military weapon—Jessie, or Katia as she was known to him. As Detective Victoria Tacket, Jessie’s guardian, presses for more background information on her past, Jesse must decide how much she can tell while keeping her promises, and protecting her new found guardian who was evolving into a real parental figure—and even a friend.

In Beginnings, Jessie’s horrific childhood background is revealed along with the genesis of her supernatural powers, her training and guilt. Jessie wrestles with issues of faith even while being forced to utilize her covert training to protect her newfound friends and family. Beginnings, the third installment of this serial novel compels me to get the next installment.

Age Range: 11 and up

Genre: Science Fiction

Series: The Tacket Secret, Book 3 of 7

Dad and Me Publishing, 2017

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