Before I Knew You (Choices Matter, Volume 1) by Beth Steury

Before I Knew You (Choices Matter, Volume 1) by Beth Steury

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Dating
  • Violence - Negligible

In high school, Preston was a partier and a player with the girls. But after getting burned, he decides to avoid the dating and party scenes. That is until he meets Maggie, the cute new girl in town, on the first day of his junior year. Maggie, however, has some reservations. Preston is one of the kings of the cool crowd, far above her lowly station as a newbie, and there are those whispers about his reputation . . . But Preston’s romantic advances blow Maggie’s concerns away, and they soon find themselves in a serious dating relationship. Will they avoid the emotional pain lurking around the corner—along with a blast from Preston’s past?

Before I Knew You gets real with high school romance. With a well-done romantic plot, both characters are deeply developed and provide fascinating insight into the turbulence that lies beneath the seemingly placid surface of high school romance. Don’t judge by its cover, teens of both genders will enjoy this one.

Age Range: 12 and up

Genre: Romance

Series: Choices Matter, Book 1 of 3

Life Matters Publishing, 2018

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  1. Thanks, Glenn. Book #2 in the Choices Matter series is now avaiable! “because I know you” picks right up where “before I knew you” ended.

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