Bash and the Chocolate Milk Cows by Burton W. Cole

Bash and the Chocolate Milk Cows by Burton W. Cole

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Some

Twelve-year-old Raymond (Beamer) Boxby, moves from Virginia Beach to Cow country Ohio where he gets to spend spring break on his crazy cousin’s dairy farm. Sebastian (Bash) Hinglehobb, the master prankster, takes Beamer on a wild tour of April fool’s shenanigans. With a little battle between the sexes, Bash and Beamer spread the fun to nearly every adult and kid within biking distance. Meanwhile, a mysterious robber plagues the neighborhood, and Bash decides they need to crack the case.

More merriment from Burton Cole, as he captures some earthy, preteen humor on a dairy farm. Boys versus girls rivalry spices the plot while the author manages to keep the mystery light enough for the most apprehensive of readers. Along the way you’ll learn more than you can imagine about cows and milk, while yet again encountering powerful spiritual truths seamlessly woven into the story. Another fun and encouraging read.

Age Range: 8-12 

Genre: Humor, Contemporary
Series: Book 3 of the Bash and Beamer series
B&H Publishing Group, 2015
Available at:
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