Ash Eater by Joanna Emerson

Ash Eater by Joanna Emerson

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Dating
  • Violence - Moderate

Bullied and banished as an outcast, Miya’s life in middle school sucks. Her parents are divorced, her mother an object of ridicule, and her brother, Ryan, who used to be her protector has become something else. Darkness clamors to engulf her, and memory loss and continual vomiting wreck her health. When Ryan starts a band, Miya finds solace as part of her brother’s setup crew. But members of his band want more than that from this thirteen-year-old. When it seems things can’t get worse, Miya has a startling revelation that sets her on a new course. But can she battle through to win?

Ash Eater is a uniquely written historical set in the 1980’s that evolves into a fantasy. The plot plumbs the depths of pre-adolescent and adolescent life dealing with heavy relational issues, including abuse and eating disorders. With great imagination and artistry, the author weaves together a beautiful spiritual journey and one girl’s triumph against all odds. With Ash Eater, the reader will descend into the darkness with the heroine, but will also experience her renaissance back into the light. An interesting blend of fantasy and historical that could have been sharper in a few places. Nevertheless, this is a great read.

Age Range: 12 and up

Genre: Historical, Coming of Age, Fantasy

Self-Published, 2016

Available at:


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