A Way Through the Sea, The Young Underground #1 by Robert Elmer

A Way Through the Sea, The Young Underground #1 by Robert Elmer

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - None
  • Violence - Some

Eleven-year-old Peter Andersen, his twin sister, Elise and their Jewish friend, Henrik, live in German occupied Denmark in 1943. At first the Germans seem content to leave the Danish Jews alone but rumors of the Holocaust are already floating. Tension rises when Peter discovers his uncle Morten is working for the Danish underground. But when the German order comes down to round up all the Jews, Peter’s dad and uncle Morten, a fisherman, devise a plan to rescue Henrick and several other Jewish families. When that plan goes amiss, Peter and Elise have a harrowing adventure with some tough choices to make.

            A Way Through the Sea has a strong evangelical message that confronts the heroes in a winsome way. The plot may develop too slowly for some readers and the author’s style with its distant point of view may hinder reader connection with the heroes. On the other hand, the story’s readability makes this book conducive to younger readers and the action heats up nicely in the latter pages.

Age Range: 8 to 11

Genre: Historical

Bethany House 1994 , Robert Elmer 2011

Series: Book one of eight

Availability: Amazon Also ask for this book at your local library

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