Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely (TrueColors, Book 1) by Melody Carlson

Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely (TrueColors, Book 1) by Melody Carlson

  • Spirituality - High
  • Romance - Some
  • Violence - Negligible

Entering 10th grade, Kara Hendricks is somewhat of a reclusive wallflower. But her best friend, Jordan Ferguson has her back in every way. That is until Jordan tries out for the cheerleading squad—and makes it. Now Jordan is part of the cool crowd and Kara is on the outs. As their friendship deteriorates, Kara becomes more and more isolated until she takes another direction and discovers something new about herself—and friendships.

This book dives deeply into one teen’s battle out of the pit of loneliness and despair as she navigates the challenges of making and keeping meaningful relationships. The character is well developed, and readers will feel her pain and struggle with her through a nicely turned plot. This was a fun read that also organically explored powerful spiritual and relational truths. Although slightly dated, it is a timeless read for middle/high school students. And the TrueColors series deals with many tough teen issues, including jealousy, alcohol and drug use, suicide, and more from a Christian perspective.

Age Range: 12 and up

Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age

Series: TrueColors, Book 1 of 12

NAV Press, 2004

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